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Please can I ask that all involved in this community respect the below community rules and anyone with any issues, please feel free to message one of the Staff Team and we can sort any problems.

  1. DO NOT disrespect other users.
  2. DO NOT post exploits, glitches or hacks.
  3. DO NOT post illegal content such as torrents, warez, counterfeit products, keys, etc.
  4. DO NOT post personal information such as name, address, email, phone numbers, etc.
  5. DO NOT post media depicting actual real life violence of any kind.
  6. DO NOT post NSFW content - includes torture, pornography, gore and animal abuse.
  7. DO NOT discuss politics, religion or ideologies, especially 'memes' on the subjects.
  8. DO NOT spam, troll, harass, or bait in text and voice services.
  9. DO NOT use potentially offensive or inappropriate usernames and avatars.
  10. DO NOT advertise of any sort.

Note: Staff reserve the right to issue warnings, kicks and bans to anyone found to be breaking the rules or causing unnecessary drama and/or arguments.